March 24, 2023



3D-Printed Shredder Eats Lettuce For Breakfast

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Shredding issues isn’t simply good for effectively and securely disposing of them. It’s additionally very enjoyable, as properly. [Joonas] of [Let’s Print] didn’t have a shredder, so set about 3D printing one among their very personal.

The design apes that of the large metallic trash shredders you’ve in all probability seen in movies everywhere in the web. They use a pair of counter-rotating drums with huge tooth. Because the drums flip, the tooth seize and pull objects into the hole between the drums, the place they’re duly torn aside into smaller items.

On this design, plastic drums are pressed into service as [Joonas] doesn’t have a metallic 3D printer. A brushed DC motor is used to drive the shredder. A big multi-stage gearbox is used to step down the motor’s output and supply loads of torque to do the job.

The shredder will get examined with loads of amusing rubbish. All the things from previous greens, to paper, and rock-hard previous cheeseburgers are put via the machine. It does an ready job in all instances, although clearly the plastic drums can’t deal with the identical sort of jobs as a correct metallic shredder. Tougher plastics and aluminium cans stall out the shredder, although. The gearbox additionally tends to strip gears on the more durable stuff. The fundamental idea is sound, however some upgrades might actually make this factor shine.

Is it a tool that may see quite a lot of sensible use? Maybe not. Is it a enjoyable system that might be the star of your subsequent hackerspace Present and Inform? Completely. Plus it is likely to be an effective way to do away with numerous these unfinished tasks that all the time clog up your storage areas, too! Video after the break.

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